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420 bar nitric acid resistant hose

20 bar 8 x 13 nitric acid resistant hose

300 ft nitric acid resistant hose. Nitric Acid Sulfuric Acid and Ferrous Sulfate Concentration, Temperature, Length of M% F Exposure 245 220 2 yr AlSl Type of st,nl:,,s -__- 316 316 Type Expel of iure 99.6 55-75 .02-0.3 20 10 20 5 25 10 Field Field as-cast as


AL/HOSE-M06-E 6mm TUBE (Pressure Rating: 84 bar) EMPTY AL/HOSE-M06-F FULL AL/HOSE-008-E 8.3mm HOSE EMPTY AL/HOSE-008-F (Pressure Rating: 840 bar) FULL Available either prefilled with grease (full) or empty. Tube is to be used with compression / quick fit style fittings, hose to be used with reusable style fittings

Characteristic properties of Silicone Rubber Compounds

Acid Other Oi l Chemica l Resistance to oils, solvents, and other chemicals 25 50 75 100 125-100 -50 0 50 100 150 200 250 7% Nitric acid 25 x 168 < 1 < 1 -50 -30 Trichloroethylene 50 290 230 230 380 420 400 300 300 600

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Cleaned and Bagged High-Purity Hard Plastic Tubing. Designed for high-purity appliions, this hard tubing is cleaned and bagged to prevent dirt and moisture from contaminating the inside. It is free of plasticizers like DEHP, so it won’t impart tastes or odors to the fluid running through it.

AQUAPAL® The highly flexible hose for potable water

q Working pressure up to 20 bar / 290 psi q Temperature resistance from -30°C to +90°C / -22°F to +194°F If the hose still unexpectedly gives off an odor, several cleaning Nitric acid (HNO 3) 0,5 % at room temperature max. 30 minutes

China Manufacture 400 Series 409L 410 410s 420 430 440c

conditions.410 stainless steel plate is resistant to atmospheric conditions, water and some chemicals. It can be used in environments containing weak or diluted acetic acid, naptha, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. The alloy is also resistant to acids contained in foods.

Design Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Stainless

is also used in nitric acid and food processing. Type 410 has the lowest alloy content of the three general-purpose stainless steels and is selected for highly stressed parts needing the coination of strength and corrosion resistance, such as fasteners. Type 410 resists corrosion in mild atmospheres, steam, and many mild chemical environments.

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Cleaned and Bagged High-Purity Soft Rubber Tubing. The highest purity soft tubing we offer, this tubing is bagged in a clean room to prevent dirt and moisture from contaminating the inside. It is cured with platinum and is made with a nonleaching plasticizer that won’t impart tastes or odors to the fluid running through it.

316L Stainless Steel Chemical Compatibility Chart from ISM

316L Stainless Steel Chemical Compatibility Chart ver 10-Jan-2020 industrials Key to General Chemical Resistance [all data based on 72 ° (22 °C) unless noted] Explanation of Footnotes 1 – Satisfactory to 120° F (48° C) A = Excellent – No Effect C = Fair - …

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Acid suction hoses are designed to suck and discharge acid solutions such as sulfuric acid at no higher than 40% concentration, 30% hydrochloric acid, 15% sodium hydroxide solution and other diluted acid and alkali solutions with similar concentrations (not including nitric acid). The negative pressure is -0.9 bar. Heat Resistant Acid Suction Hose


Lactic acid 100% Lauric acid Lauryl alcohol Lead salts Magnesium salts Manganese sulphate Conc. Soln Mercuric chloride Methyl chloride Methyl ethyl ketone Methylene chloride Milk Mineral oils Mixed acids (sulphuric/nitric) var. prop. Molasses Naptha Naphthalene Nickel salts Nitric acid 10% Nitric acid 25% Nitric acid 50% Nitric acid 70% Nitric

Chemical Compatibility Chart | ISM - Industrial Spec

This Chemical Compatibility Chart is a shorthand tool for describing the suitability of miniature fluidic and pneumatic component materials for use in contact with various chemicals. Use this chart to help guide your component selection. Use our Chemical Compatibility Chart as guide for evaluating the resistance of polymer and metal materials to a wide range of chemicals found in …

Nylon Chemical Compatibility Chart

Nylon is generally chemically resistant to oils and fuels, gasoline, mineral spirits, and some alcohols. Nylon has a high melting point, around 256°C / 492°F. NOT compatible with ozone, most acids. Nylon Chemical Compatibility Chart: Check the chemical compatibility of Nylon with various chemicals, solvents, alcohols and other products.

GOODALL Rubber hose Blue Guardian, EPDM wash down hose in

Find your Rubber hose Blue Guardian, EPDM wash down hose in food processing industries 20 bar at ERIKS. Choose from more than 500.000 products online and order right away.

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200psi nitric acid resistant hose Ace Manufacturing Flex-Rite R-Series Rubber Hose The RDC discharge hose is ultra-light and provides extra flexibility and smooth handling. Designed to be chemically resistant to mild caustic . en856 4sp 12 of 16 nitric acid resistant hose. 2017/05/01· SAE 100R9, SAE100R10, EN856 4SP, EN856 4SH, SAE 100R12, SAE

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Chromium gives resistance to oxidising conditions, such as nitric acid solutions, nitrates and oxidising salts. The alloy is titanium stabilised to resist pitting and intergranular attack after fabriion, particularly welding, which includes heating in the critical sensitisation temperature range (650°C – 760°C).

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The parts shall be immersed in a bath containing at least 20% by volume of nitric acid at a temperature of 120ºF – 140ºF (49 – 60ºC) for at least 30 minutes. Passivation standards references: ASTM A967: Standard Specifiion for Chemical Passivation Treatments for Stainless Parts ASTM A380: Standard Practice for Cleaning, Decaling, and Passivation of …

Flexible, Heatproof & Reinforced rubber chemical hose

Yes, our Acid Resistant Hose can offer OEM services. Nice price flexible chemical hose EPDM industrial rubber chemical automotive 50mm soft 3 inch diameter rubber suction hose pipe dn 20 100mm 160mm 20 bar chemical rubber hose. US $0.50-$50.00 1,2,3,4 inch Flexible strong nitric acid alkali neoprene UHMWPE Chemical Rubber Hose for all

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Acid & Chemicals Transfer hose - Series 7108. Series 7108 hose is designed for transfer of high aromatic content products such as ketone solvents, lacquers, paint thinners, oil-based and water-based paints and many common chemicals used in appliions to 93°C and 51,7 bar…


resistance of the specific thermoplastics we use in the construction of our products, to common chemicals. The data given should be used cautiously, and as a guide only. Nitric Acid (20%) A-Excellent: Nitric Acid (50%) A-Excellent: Nitric Acid (5-10%) A-Excellent: Nitric Acid (Concentrated) A-Excellent: Nitrobenzene B-Good:

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Hydroflouric Acid, 48% Hydroflouric Acid, 75%. Hydroflouric Acid, Anhydrous (17% Nitric Acid, 4% HF) Pyridine Styrene. Acetic Acid, Glacial Acetone. Amyl Acetate Aniline. ASTM Reference Fuel C (158°F) (70°C) Benzene. Butyl Acetate Carbon Tetrachloride. Chloroacetic Acid Methylene Chloride. Naphtha Nitric Acid, 30%. Nitric Acid, 60% Nitric

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The stainless steel pumps coine great mechanical strength with good chemical features. AISI 316 is resistant to aggressive liquids like nitric acid and sodium hydroxide. The centre unit, which is not in contact with liquid, is made from corrosive resistant polypropylene (PP) as standard (other materials upon request). ATEX certified pumps

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The 309 grades of stainless steel are noted for excellent corrosion and heat resistance. In general 309 and 309S are more resistant than type 304. They provide high resistance to sulfite liquors and are often chosen for appliions where the metal may be exposed to acids including nitric, nitric-sulfur, citric, lactic and more.

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HYDRA | 4 HOSE SIZE VELIČINA CREVA CODE/ŠIFRA INSIdE dIAmEtER REINfORCEmENt mEtER OutSIdE wORkINg pRESSuRE buRSt pRESSuRE mINImum bENd RAdIuS wEIgHt dn dash mm inch mm inch mm inch bar psi bar psi mm inch g/m lb/ft 5 -3 4,8 3/16" 9,5 0,37 11,5 0,45 250, 3620 1000 14500 89 3,50 195 0,13 V1-250-005

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31/7/2019· Rubber hose for nitric acid transfer. Description: Fully antistatic rubber hose MANICHEM MARBLE DN 32, with a very low coefficient of friction for superior flow characteristics and high resistance to numerous chemicals. Hose assely fitted with stainless steel CAMLOCK ( ERS) couplings at both ends.

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ASTM A276 420 STAINLESS STEEL ROUND BAR STOCK. Skytech Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd. is Manufacturer of Steel S42000 Round Bar in india manufacturing ASTM A276 AISI 420 Stainless Steel Round Bar since 1999, we maintain over 1200 ton 420 Stainless Steel Round Bar in various sizes which makes us one of the largest stockist of JIS SUS 420 Polish Round.